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Do you have an idea for a craft, DIY, or photography project or tip you’d like to share as a post on this website?

TryitSpace does accept guest posts! You need to be registered and logged in to submit a post, so we can attribute it to you. Please use the form to submit guest posts and do not email me with lists of post ideas. If you are promoting a product or business, please consider submitting a sponsored post. Please read more information about submitting posts below the form.

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About Submitting Content

We welcome guest posts here in the areas of crafts, DIY, and photography as well as thoughts on the crafting life.

  • We don’t accept content that is pornographic, promotes hate, violence, or discrimination, or links to known spam or scam sites.
  • We have the right to refuse to publish a post for any reason.
  • Will will likely share your post on our social media. However, in some cases, we may choose to not do so.
  • Do we accept “dofollow” links? I know that’s the top question we’ll get asked in emails. And the answer is “it depends.” Our opinion is that links should be related to the topic and support it in some way. So, here’s a general guideline:
    • In most cases, we will nofollow homepage links.
    • If you link points to an article that supports the topic, we’ll allow it to be dofollow.
    • Products are a murky area. If you’re writing about terrific octopus decor for your home and you’re linking to a product for a company with which you do not own and have no relationship with, and the product relates to your post, and you’re putting it there just because it’s an awesome product, we may dofollow it.
  • We cannot currently pay for content. We may have a budget for that in the future or, on some occasions may seek out paid content. But you acknowledge that you won’t receive compensation for your post from us unless we’ve made specific arrangements in advance.
  • Unless you have paid us for a sponsored post, we will likely show ads in and alongside your post. As we use an ad network, we do not control what those ads may be.
  • Can you republish content? You may add a post here that’s been published elsewhere, IF you own it and if you include the link to the original source with your post so we can credit your page as canonical.
  • We prefer a minimum length of 300 words for posts.
  • Please include a featured image, and please include appropriate tags and categories for your post.
  • If you have questions about submitting content or are having issues with the form, you can post a question in our FAQ forum.
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