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How to Wrap Text Around a Circle in Adobe Illustrator


Wrapping text around a circle is a nice touch for badges and other graphics. Here’s how to wrap text around a circle with Adobe Illustrator so that the text on the bottom of the circle is right-side-up.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to Wrap Text Around a Circle with Adobe Illustrator

  1. Draw a circle.

    In your toolbar on the left, choose the shape tool, then the ellipse tool, and draw a circle. How to Wrap Text Around a Circle in Adobe Illustrator

  2. Add the text to the top of your circle.

    Choose the text tool and then the “Text on a path” tool and click the top of your circle. There’s your text! Now you can resize it and if you click the selection tool, you’ll see that there’s a handle you can drag to move your text around the circle.How to wrapt text around a circle in adobe illustrator

  3. Draw another circle.

    Yes, we’re going to draw ANOTHER circle of the same size for our lower text.

  4. Add your text to the bottom of your circle — again, using the “Text on a path” tool.

  5. Position your bottom text where you want it.

    Just like before, you can click the selection tool and you’ll see a handle where you can drag it around. Or, sometimes I just hover in the corner until I see the rotate icon pop up and rotate it.

  6. Flip the text.

    So, our lower text is upside down. Let’s turn it right-side up! In your top toolbar, go to Text>Type on a Path>Type on a Path Options. It will already be on “Rainbow.” Check the “flip” button and OK and you’ll see it’s now right-side-up. You can also choose the other options to position the text at baseline or inside or outside of the circle.How to Draw Text on a Circle in Adobe Illustrator

There! That’s all it takes to wrapt text around a circle with Adobe Illustrator!

How to draw text around a circle with Adobe Illustrator.
Oops. I had a typo. But at least you get the idea of how to do this!

In the future, we’ll have more Illustrator tips here.

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